7 Simple Ways For Unlocking Super Profit

The bottom-line…the annual results…the targets…!

We’re driven by the numbers, whether they’re the numbers of our budgets, or the numbers of our profits, or the numbers of our losses.

Yet, the most important ‘numbers’ are too often ignored, and in the process, the BEST way to positively affect the numbers in the ledger.

These ‘numbers’ are the people in our businesses, in the industries we lead.
When our people are productive, our profits are perked.

So how do we increase productivity and so perk those profits?

Very simply: We serve the one’s we lead!

If you lead a company or a corporation, a department or a team, here are 7 simple ways to serve, and take you to super profit:

  1. Send a hand written, personal note of encouragement to those who deserve recognition. Be specific about what it is you appreciate, so that they do it again.
  2. Serve the refreshments once in a while. As you serve, coach and encourage your staff.
  3. Remember the spouses. When a staff member has worked late on a project and been kept back at the office way after the end of the day, arrange for a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates to be delivered to their spouse to thank them for the time they sacrificed without their significant other.
  4.  Celebrate their efforts, not just their successes. Not every effort will achieve the desired success. This can discourage future effort. But where efforts are celebrated, it will not be long before successes are too.
  5. Give a free pass. Have a certain number of free days off to be given as you see fit. These can be used by those who work for you to go to the beach, read a book, or have a leisurely day with a loved one.
  6. Make work fun. Create one weekly event to boost morale. For instance, have staff bring in baby photographs, pin them up on a board, and have them pick which person matches each picture.
  7. Remember the magic words. According to Michael Guld, president of the Guld Resource Group, the two most underrated words that get the highest ROI (Return On Investment) and ROT (Return On your Time) are the simple words “Thank you”.
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