8 Reasons Why Doing Good Is Good Business

A number of years ago, I read an excellent book by Richard Branson called Screw Business as Usual

There Branson shares how he came to the conclusion some time ago that attaching a good cause to a good product made for great business. If you’re an entrepreneur, or engaged in any form of business, this cannot be ignored anymore.

In addition to Branson’s brilliant read and charged motivation, allow me to add just a few seeds of thought to the mix. Here they are: 8 Reasons Why Doing Good Is Good Business

1) It Is A Great Marketing Tactic

If your business or product is an effective means of good in a cause, it won’t be long before it draws attention. It may be the media, but if not, it’s still a powerful conversation on the street.

2) It Will Boost Productivity

There’s nothing quite like working for a greater purpose. But businesses will need to do more than make donations; they will need to wisely conjure up ways for their staff to actively engage in the good cause. If they succeed, its guaranteed to heighten motivation, which in turn serves productivity.

3) It Shines A Spotlight Of Preference In The Direction Of Your Product Or Business

Studies have shown that consumers prefer companies and products that make a positive impact. And you’ll want to take note of this: The 2010 Cone Causes Evolutions Study discovered that 83% of US consumers want more of the products and services they use to benefit causes. An additional study revealed that 62% of global consumers will switch brands if one works with good causes while the other does not.

4) It Multiplies Your Influence

When other companies and businesses see how you have benefited from having a social mission, it’s highly likely they will model your initiatives.

5) It Makes Recruitment Easier

People will want to work for you, not only because they are inspired by your social mission but because of the vibrant energy it infuses in the work environment.

6) It Cements Your Workforce To Your Business

The pride that people find in working for your company will only serve to make them want to be a part of it for a long time.

7) It Creates A League And A Legacy

There is nothing that quite binds people together as powerfully than does the concern for a need or a cause. At the same time, fewer are remembered for their riches than those remembered for their care. If you want a name that extends far beyond your life and time, this is a powerful way to achieve it.

8) It Nurtures And Sustains A Sense of Great Pleasure

A number of scientific studies have drawn a strong correlation between serving others and the sense of personal pleasure. Companies that actively promote the involvement of their employees in good causes discover an incredible atmosphere of pleasure among their employees.

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