A Swing…A See-Saw…And A Heart That Is Full

Today, my heart was full! Allow me to explain…

A Little One To Love

It’s seems that it was just yesterday that I sat through the night with the woman of my dreams, my wife of 21 years, and waited for the arrival of our third daughter. That ‘just yesterday’ was actually 8 years ago. Then I was in my late thirties; today, I’m well on my way to fifty.

A Little Fun to Have

But today, this ageing ‘dude’ borrowed his Katie’s scooter and trailed her on her new bicycle as she led the way to the nearby park. There, we sat on a swing together and tried desperately to get some decent height. Then we sat at opposite ends of the see-saw and bounced up and down as we giggled our way through the bumps on our ‘behinds’ every time we hit the ground.

A Little Thanks To Give

When we got home, she came into my study and she sat on my knee. I held her tightly, closed my eyes, and thanked Jesus for giving me a gift so precious as she. But I also prayed that her life would be full, not of money or material things. I prayed that her life would be full of love for others.

A Little Love To Share

You see, loving is a beautiful thing. It’s a ‘full’ thing. It’s something that lights us up inside and brings a joy that is unsurpassed, the kind of joy I have in the love I have for my daughters. Its the kind of joy I felt as we denied gravity on the swing, and surrendered to it, on the see-saw.

A Little Love To Learn

Learning to love ourselves is not the greatest love of all; it’s learning to love others, as we have been loved by the Greatest Love of all. Then, and only then, regardless of age, our youth is renewed, our lives become full, and our purpose is achieved.

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