Have you ever felt that you’d turned the tap of life a full 360 degrees, only to discover that you got nothing out of it but a few drops that could never satisfy. I know I have: I’ve pursued popularity, success, fashion, experiences and things only to discover that I was never satisfied. I was always in search of the next thing, and when I thought I might just have found THE thing, all that it turned out to be was a ‘drop’ that barely touched the lip of my soul.

If that’s you, it’s important that you hear the words of the greatest man to ever walk this earth: “Come to me and drink” (John 7:37). There is no one, or no thing, that can satisfy like Jesus can. When you go to him, you don’t turn on a tap; you kneel at an ever flowing, mountain stream of sparkling, fresh grace for your soul. “Come to me and drink”, he says to you.

You see, we are spiritual beings trying to satisfy spiritual thirst with physical means. That’s like trying to fill the tank of my car with gravel. Not only will it fail  to get my car moving; it will destroy my engine. And that’s what we do so long as we try to satisfy our longings with things that can’t satisfy. The great church father, St. Augustine, once said, “God, you have made us for yourself, and our hearts find no rest until they find their rest in you.”

So the place to begin then, is with him!

Then, we were not only made for God; we were made like God, in his image. In other words, the original intention of our Creator was that we bare his image, be like him, in the world and to the world. And perhaps there’s no greater way that we can be like him than in his benevolence, that is, that he gives and gives and gives. He loves to give, and there is no limit to his giving. In fact, so that we may have access to his love in the most intimate way, “he gave his one and only Son so that, whoever believes in Him, will not perish but have everlasting life”.

Do you believe this? It’s really the place to begin…and it will change your life forever!

And then we discover something else: As Jesus satisfies our soul, his Spirit fashions our lives after His own. We discover that there is fullness not in getting, but in giving; that there is deep satisfaction as he makes us like fresh mountain streams, where as we drink from him, we merge with him, and others drink from us. We give our lives as he gives, we care as he cares, we reach out as he reaches out. Simply, we refresh as he refreshes!

This is the Litmus Life, and I bid you to kneel, to drink…and become a refreshing, mountain stream of love and life, quenching the thirst of those in need…and discovering the truth that there is greater pleasure in being the stream that satisfies than the one who is in constant search of it!