Daddy…It’s You!

Late one evening, I returned from a meeting with a friend that had kept me beyond my youngest daughters bedtime. When I got home, she was already fast asleep.
Our routine together before lights out typically involves a prayer that I pray, thanking God for His care during the day, and trusting Him for his continued protection during the night. This is followed by a blessing I say over her. It’s a precious time, one that I wouldn’t miss unless I absolutely had to.

But on that occasion, I had missed it, and I felt it.

She’d been battling with a nasty cold, and as I readied myself for bed, I couldn’t ignore an incessant cough that threatened to wake her. Quietly walking into her room, I placed one hand on her head and the other on her arm. In a few short moments her cough settled and her breathing became regular again. I stayed next to her like this for a few minutes before gently removing my hands. But as my touch detached from hers, she opened her eyes, looked at me, smiled and whispered, “It’s you!”, before closing her eyes again and drifting into a calm sleep that lasted the night.

“It’s you!”

Her daddy!

I’d stepped into her restlessness as only a daddy can. And as I did, that restlessness quietly disappeared, and in its place, a calm and peace took over that carried her through the night.

It’s heartbreaking to see how many children live lives of such restlessness, children whose beauty is shadowed by clouds of sadness and despair.

And I wonder how much of this might have to do with the absence of a daddy.

A recent report by the Centre for Social Justice on family breakdown found that three million children in the UK are growing up predominantly with their mothers. One million children NEVER see there fathers.

The effect this has on society cannot be ignored. Research suggests that children who are not brought up with a father are more likely to fail at school, to become addicted to drugs, to have serious debt problems, and become unemployed or welfare dependent.

Daddy…It’s you!

Stop taking your role for granted. Recognise that the stakes are too high to allow for a failed marriage. Love your wife…love your children! Build a wall around yourself, and the one’s you love. Guard against work that keeps you away from home too long. Recognise that the endless hours you spend in the office to climb the corporate ladder, though placing the latest toy in their possession (or yours), will not give them a sail to cross the stormy seas of life, or a hand to calm their restlessness in those moments of madness.

Daddy…It’s you!

It’s your touch, it’s your presence, it’s your love too…Daddy…It’s you!

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