Education, Persil’s New And Noble Objective

Is there a link between poverty and education? The numbers don’t lie! Go anywhere in the world and you will find that the children who suffer most from a lack of adequate education are those who are poor.

Education For The Poor: The Numbers

According to UNICEF, that equates to 58 million children without access to basic education. A further 130 million receive no more than a year 5 (10 year old) equivalent.

Doing Something About It

Thankfully, there are those who are not prepared to take this for granted. It’s wonderful when they include companies whose business is more than profit; their aim is to change lives!

One such company has been keeping families spotlessly clean for over 100 years. Now they want to bring hope to the lives of poor children by giving them the opportunity to learn.

In 2015, Persil, the washing powder launched by Henkel in 1907, added a wonderful cause to their quiver of social endeavours. They partnered with UNICEF to create “Persil Learning for Tomorrow” . Their aim: To help 10 million children around the world reach their full potential in education. Children in Brazil, India and Vietnam will benefit from the initial investment €1.4 million, with a focus on teacher training and literacy activities.

A Vision Of The Future

Persil is passionate about giving that first day of school ‘thrill’ to millions, and walking beside them until they’re ready to conquer the world. They created this special video to highlight the happiness they hope to bring to these little lives:

The next time you’re wondering about which laundry detergent to use, why not consider Persil. In keeping your clothes vibrant, fresh and clean, you’ll be helping them to give millions of children a new experience of learning, and with that, a wonderful hope for life.

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