Forget The Pills: The Obscure Answer To Stress

It’s far cheaper!

It’s much less harmful to your body!

It’s significantly more satisfying!

Scientific studies have shown that SERVING OTHERS is a MAJOR STRESS RELIEVER.

And in addition to this, these studies also show that such acts of kindness make us happier and increase our sense of fulfilment and satisfaction.

This finds me asking a question: Is the reason why todays modern, western society is so prone to stress because it’s so self-centred?

I’ll venture a guess that the happiest, most satisfied, least stressed people you have known are those you would describe as selfless and kind, thoughtful and generous.

So, instead of popping a few pills to relieve your stress, here are a few suggestions:

1) When next you visit a convenient store, buy an extra chocolate, and once you
have paid, give it to the cashier and tell her that you bought it for her.

2) If you have access to your neighbours garden (and they don’t have any large
dogs), mow their lawn the next time they go out.

3) Write a letter to the school where you graduated and thank your teachers for the input they had in your life.

4) Volunteer one of your Saturdays to a local charity, offering to help out in any
area of need.

5) Find a beautiful novel you can read once a week at an old-age home.

6) Visit your local police station with a card and box of chocolates, thanking them for what they do for the local community.

7) Anonymously pay for another family’s bill when next you visit a restaurant.

8) Take an extra lunch pack to work and give it to a colleague who has forgotten to pack theirs. If you can’t find one, step outside the office, walk a block or two and give it to a homeless person.

9) Pay for someone else’s fuel.

10) Call your mum or/and dad (brother or sister) for one reason only: Tell them you love them!

If you found these suggestions helpful, please let me know. I’d love to hear how you found your “stress reliever”

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