Market Your Cause…Cause Your Market

The average supermarket stocks around 40 000 products. If you’re a marketer, you know the challenge at stake: To move your product from the shelf into the trolley, to create a force of attraction between the can, or the jar, or the packet, and the coins/cash/card in our wallets. It’s an immense task, and it’s the reason why billions of dollars are spent on advertising every year.

Just over a week ago, I bought a product that I’ve never seen advertised before. I’ve been aware of it for years…it’s very hard to miss the famous face smiling from the label. I’ve just never been drawn to buy it.
But that’s all changed now: Today, my fresh, green salad is dressed with Newman’s Own.

Yes, that’s right, Newman’s Own salad dressing!

It may not seem like a big deal, but when you consider that the decision to change to Newman’s Own is cumulatively worth $430 million in profit over 33 years, it certainly is a big deal.

So why the change in my shopping preference?

The story!

In the early 1980’s, legendary actor Paul Newman and a close friend discovered that between them they could make a jolly good salad dressing. And, with a little persuasion from family and friends, they took the decision to commercialise it, and the the rest they say…

Today, Newman’s Own branding includes pasta sauce, frozen pizza, popcorn, grape juice, salsa and since 2008, premium wines, to name a few.

What, might you say, is so great about the story, though? In case, like me of a week ago, you don’t have a clue, allow me a few more sentences:

From day one, way back in 1982, Newman’s Own has all been about charity! That’s right, all…one hundred percent of the profit is designated to good causes across the world.

Newman's Own

Visit Newman’s Own Foundation . It’s a great place to be inspired.

What you will discover there is the power of the story!

If you’re a marketer of a product, any product, if your product doesn’t have an authentic story, get one; and if it does, market it. We’ve heard many a fancy catch phrase…seen many a pretty picture…creative directors often do a great job. But stop trying to entertain us…move us! The way to do so is by telling us a story, not so much of your product, but of your cause and how through it, you’re changing our world.

That’s right: Go one up on Newman’s Own. Don’t wait for me, or my neighbour or ‘Joe Who-Ever’ to discover it. Market your cause…chances are, you’ll cause a market!

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