ScottishPower: Powering Cancer Research

Looking for a gas and electricity supplier?

If ScottishPower is available in your area, give them serious consideration. I can’t vouch for their service, efficiency or costs compared to other providers, but I can vouch for their heart. I would love to know what triggered it, but all I know at present is that they are doing an outstanding work raising money for cancer research.

This may or may not mean much to you now, but for anybody who has suffered loss as a result of the devastating big “C” (both my parents succumbed to the disease), people or organisations who are involved in trying to alleviate cancer suffering through research and treatment, find a motorway into the heart.

In 2012, ScottishPower launched their relationship with Cancer Research UK with the objective of raising £5 million. Have they done it? By far, to date reaching £8 million and counting. They’ve sponsored events, raised money through employee endeavours, and then, with a little bit of creativity, through the “Help Beat Cancer” energy tariff, a fixed price plan that involves a donation to Cancer Research UK for every month a person remains on the tariff. Check it out for yourself:

What this means is so much more than light and heat for your home. It means the increasing light of healing and life…and yes, perhaps one day for your home too.

It seems the spirit of William Wallace, the spirit of hope and freedom, lives on beyond the borders of the north. Kudos to ScottishPower!

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