Serving Your Marriage At Suppertime


Turn off the TV!

Yep, that’s right. New research suggests that avoiding the television at meal times can actually save your marriage.

In a study that spanned 6 years, Chicago University researchers followed the daily habits of 10 000 Australian children and their parents. Here’s some of their startling conclusions:

*An extra 30 minutes a day eating around a table reduces the risk of separation by 29%.

*The risk of relationship breakdown more than doubles when the TV is part of meal times.

The study also found that the more time fathers spent with their children, the greater chance of marital stability.

So what do you do if you want to make the change? I found some helpful tips:

  1. Start slowly. Initiate the process by having one meal a week around the table, and then gradually add to that number.
  2. Make that one meal a week around the table a real ‘treat’ meal, like pizza or burgers.
  3. Make it a happy time. Think through lots of fun starter conversation ideas before hand.
  4. Get the children involved. Have them set the table and decorate it.
  5. Make it a time of thanksgiving. Share at the end what you have to be grateful for. (It’s a great time for family devotion!)


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