The F-Word Behind History’s Greatest Leaders

One of the most moving scenes I have ever witnessed on the big screen was the Mel Gibson enactment of William Wallace, the Scottish hero who fought for the liberty of the Scottish people from their English overlords. Lying stretched out on the torture table, the blade of the executioner tearing through his flesh, he musters a final shout that sends shivers down my spine when I remember it: “FREEEEEEDOM!”

If I were to ask who were some of histories greatest leaders, no doubt the names George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela would be mentioned at the very top of most lists. And the number one thing you would find common among them all is that F-word: FREEDOM!

For George Washington, it was the FREEDOM of independence from Britain; for Abraham Lincoln, it was the FREEDOM of slaves from their North American masters; for Winston Churchill, it was the FREEDOM of England, and Europe, from the tyranny of Nazism; for Mahatma Gandhi, it was the FREEDOM of India from British rule; for Nelson Mandela, it was the FREEDOM of South Africa from the injustices of apartheid.

And then there was Jesus Christ, the greatest of all: FREEDOM from sin through His death on the cross.

FREEDOM plants the flag in enemy territory; FREEDOM inscribes the name in historical memory!

But the fight for FREEDOM always comes at a price. Name any of those above, and you will find the scars of sacrifice. It was the loss of FREEDOM for the sake of the FREEDOM of others. It was the loss of friends, family, reputation and even their very lives for the FREEDOM of those who did not have it.

This world of ours is desperately in need of more stories of FREEDOM. It is in need of the stories of people who sacrifice themselves for the FREEDOM of those in poverty, for the FREEDOM of those bound by disease or addiction, for the FREEDOM of those chained to the sex trade, for the FREEDOM of the child in the womb from the abortionists callous, cutting instrument.

Even as I write, from a beautiful town in a country that would happily describe itself as a part of the free world, we are not free when many mix their dying breath with tears, while others barely survive.

There are stories to be written of FREEDOM, stories of heroism and sacrifice, stories of loss for the sake of another’s gain, stories of resignation for the sake of another’s rescue. And these stories need leaders…these stories need you!

History is made by default, but history’s greatest leaders are made by determination.
It’s time to become one of them: In life, with FREEDOM as the banner before you, and in death, with FREEDOM as the monument that stands because of you.

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