Turning $300 into $1.6 billion…and it’s not all about business!



Some of the largest trees grow from the smallest seeds. The size of this ‘tree’ is no exception!

 Small beginnings

The beginnings of Deluxe would hardly have been noticed back in 1915. Then, a certain W.R. Hotchkiss borrowed $300. His idea: The first personalised flat-pocket check book and holder.

Outstanding growth

One hundred years on, and that little ‘seed’ has grown into a huge ‘Redwood’, towering in the business forests of North America as a $1.6 billion business. From printed products, logo designs, web services and programmes, it serves 4.5 million small business customers, 5 500 financial institutions and hosts 730 000 websites. For many businesses, the more the branches, the more the profit.

Brilliant Shade

For Deluxe, the more the branches, the better the shade! You see, these guys are not just about business; they’re about making a positive impact on the lives of others. Sixty years ago, the company etched this commitment into the very ‘bark’ of their existence and have subsequently given away over $100 million to incredibly worthy causes.

Among those who have found themselves on the receiving end of the Deluxe generosity is the American Red Cross, Score, the Women’s Business Development Centre and United Way.


While most companies begin their journey with little more than making a profit in mind, its wonderful when, seeing the profits come rolling in, they embrace their commitment to their local community, or their environment, or to the greater needs of our world. Deluxe is one such company!




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